We would like to congratulate the Haidar brothers and their racing pigeons. Their club is called VHA and they're ranked 2nd and they came 2nd in aggregate.

Another VHA member is Called Rafael Lay ranked 8th in the fed and 8th in aggregate.

These people producing these great results used our products right through in breeding and racing.


Some wonderful feedback from one of our customers...
"My name is Anthony Borg and I have been breeding budgies for show for over 40 years. Recently I had a hen laying eggs off the perch in the breeding cage. As this was a key hen in my breeding programme , I decided after the 5th straight egg laid off the perch, to give her the Liquid Calcium from Mineral Energy.

I gave it at full strength, every day. To my surprise, the next egg laid was in the nest box. And she preceded to lay another 5 eggs. These eggs were fertile and all hatched.Even though I give calcium powders and pink minerals and cuttlefish, the addition of the Liquid Calcium brought immediate results. I certainly recommend it to anyone breeding birds."
Anthony Borg

Read more about Liquid Calcium here



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