Pigeon and Bird Products provides "Mineral Energy" animal health supplement products to customers directly through our online shopping cart. The majority of the products are exclusively produced by Mineral Energy Pty Ltd in Australia with environmentally friendly standards.

Mineral Energy Pty Ltd was established by Hans Gaven in 1992. His uniquely designed natural formulas are sought after by professional breeders with an interest in competing at all levels. Mineral Energy products have found much success for the owners of Racing Pigeons by providing all the essential natural components to give the birds a superior conditioning to maximize their performance potential. With tertiary qualifications in food technology and committed research Hans developed mineral supplements for improved and sustainable health of animals. 

Mineral Energy always aims to deliver high quality products with a competitive edge.

The products are produced to the highest specifications and can be purchased individually or in bulk with our wholesale discount. Please contact us for more information.

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